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The time is finally here. For a limited time, all our plans are discounted. New plans and kits are shipping every day now. When the last plan is complete, the Pre-Order discount is over. Click on the links above to learn more about our current offerings. Click on "Order" above to start your journey into the Fan-Fold universe.
"Make your own Airforce," barks skymarshal Calvin.
FoamFly.com is THE place to find out anything you could want to know about BlueCor, Fan-Fold, Foam-Core, Depron, you-name-it foam, for building radio-control aircraft. Click on "What is Fan-Fold?" to learn more about this amazing material. Share your photos and plans here by clicking on "Gallery".

I've prepared the ultimate guide to building planes with Fan-Fold Foam. If you've been putting off building anything because you don't know where to start, this will push you over the edge. It's going to be a foam frenzy! Best of all it's FREE with the purchase of any of FoamFly.com's plan sets. Click on "The Guide" above to find out more.
New plans are shipping daily.
I'm preparing comprehensive construction guides for the XBow, and the Frog. I'm also putting together a guide on how to make the wing baking jig. Each guide will come with the complete "Working with Fan-Fold Foam" instruction guide. In addition each book will come with a special BONUS section: The XBow includes a section on making your own control horns, perfect for BlueCor foam. The Frog plan includes a section on making your own Cartoon Scale Landing Gear. (Trust me even if you don't build the Frog you're going to want those.) The Wing Jig plans will include a construction guide for the Mini-FastWing to help get you started. Collect them all!
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